Our Team
This is our organization chart.
We have six departments, marketing department, design department, R&D(research and development) department, quality inspection department, purchasing department, financial department, and administration department.
We have 10 sales, and 10 sales assistants in marketing department, when you make order, we will have at least 2 people handling your order together to make sure best service.

We have 2 people in design department, with experience of more than 3 years, most of our customers like our design a lot.
We have 3 people in R&D department, they are in charge of exploring new products, and have very rich experience, around 10-12 years , so our products always lead the market trend. 
We have 4 people in quality inspection department, you know, quality is most important, we always put quality as the first consideration.
And 2 people in purchasing department, 2 people in financial department, 2 people in administration department.

Our Sales Team

Our quality inspection team

Our R&D Desinger Team