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Established in the year 2002,An ISO 9001 Firm.We are manufacturer and deverlops of the high technology machines.Hitec products are used in a wide variety of industries,markets and applications thoughout all over the world. Hitec is highly committed to offering the most advanced,capable and efficient manufacturing technology backed by unsurpassed service and support.
We offer cnc wood router,cnc laser,cnc plasma,cnc parts.
Cnc Wood Router inclued :2&3D cnc router,3axis atc cnc router,4axis cnc router,5axis cnc router also the hot sale advertising cnc router.
Cnc Laser inclued :co2 laser cutting machine,metal laser cutting machine,fiber laser cutting machine,metal&nometal laser cutting machine,fiber laser marking machine,co2 laser marking machine ect.
Our offered range of products has ISO standard,CE standard,FDA standard.We are able to supply to all over the world with High Quality,Professional Service,High speed cnc router,cnc laser,cnc plasma and cnc parts.
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  • DR


    From: Slovenia

    It does not corrode the working surface, without wear, poisoning and pollution High processing efficiency and fast marking speed

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  • Ankit


    From: Yemen

    Mr Ankit purchased One of our Cnc Router Machine HTM1325 last year, he use it for hollow cutting, and in 2019, he ask more than 5 sets for his furniture factory

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  • Pavel


    From: Italy

    Mr Pavel purchased our HTJ1325 for engraving cutting wood mdf, he has a Advertising store and this machine let his business better and better

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  • Carole


    From: Peru

    Peru Customer Purchased HTO1625 Cnc Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine Cut 60mm Foams and Leather Below is the working video in his workshop

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  • Japong Sevilla

    Japong Sevilla

    From: Philippines

    laser wood cutter machine HTJ1325 sell to Philippines, customer finished instuall the laser cutting machine and sent us the advertising samples design to us

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    Whats the difference between 2.5D and 3D laser marking machine?

    People always have a question is whats the 2 5D function? and whats the difference between 2 5D and 3D?

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    Automatic tube cutting machine shipping to Australia

    Best fiber laser cutting machine will replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning of burrs and other processing procedures that require different metal pipe cutters and hard tools, and realize the cutting, and cutting of complex pipe structures The processing of slots or holes, notches, and other possible size and shape features It is widely used in metal fabrication, kitchenware, lamps, automobiles, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment, and other industries

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    Best Laser cutting Machine for Gold jewellery Price

    Best Laser cutting Machine for Gold jewellery Price From China HITECCNC

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    Blank coins die deep engraving samples made by EZCAD3 G3 3D fiber laser marking machine

    Hitec CNC 3D fiber laser marking machine is application for making silver or gold coins, it can also be used for making jewelry necklace, you can make your own customized Metal brass Medal or Badge by it

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    Germany customer feedback of 60w JPT MOPA laser marking machine with EZCAD3

    Thanks Susanne from Germany share 60w jpt mopa laser marking machine samples to Our HITECCNC

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    600x600mm 100w large format 3D fiber laser marking machine in USA

    100W 3D JPT Mopa fiber laser marking machine for 600x600mm large format engraving, Low operation cost, free maintenance for 3 years

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